Graduate Students

MA Students

Yuval Peleg z”l (graduated 2006). Thesis: Iconoclasm in Churches and Synagogues in Judaea

Avner Ecker (graduated 2010). Co-advisor with Prof. H. M. Cotton. Thesis: The Abu Kabir Necropolis of Jaffa

Ron Kehati (graduated 2010). Co-advisor with Prof. R. Rabinovich. Thesis: Animal Bone Assemblages from the Roman Army Camp at ‘Ovdat

Shulamit Miller (graduated 2011). Thesis: The Mosaics of Tiberias and Ḥammat Tiberias during the Roman, Byzantine, and Early Islamic Periods

Lena Naama Sharabi (graduated 2013). Thesis: Lamp and Light in the Ancient Synagogue

Maya Sherman (graduated 2013). Thesis: The Roman Stone Vessel Assemblage of Sepphoris

Debbi Sandhaus-Re’em (graduated 2014). Thesis: A Chronicle of Abandonment: Household Archaeology and the Use of Domestic Space at Tel Iztaba at the End of the Hellenistic Period – Toward a New Research Approach: Unit WU/3 as a Test-Case

Chen Hovers (graduated 2015). Research topic: Dining Halls in Antioch: Spatial Arrangements and Reclining Habits in Light of Floor Mosaics

Daniel Leviathan (graduated 2018). Thesis: Colonnaded Streets in Roman Palestine

Alexander Melamed (graduated 2021). Thesis: Hiding Complexes at Nesher-Ramla and Their Contribution to the Study of Hiding Complexes in the Judaean Foothills

Hillel Silberklang (graduated 2021). Co-advisor with Prof. U. Leibner. Thesis: City and Country in Roman and Byzantine Galilee: Settlement Processes in Sepphoris and Its Hinterland in Light of the Archaeological Record

Rebecca Eisenstadt (current). Research topic: Reconstruction of the Liturgical Furniture from the Eastern Church in Sepphoris

Adi Fenster-Dahan (current). Research topic: A Geological Analysis of Mosaic Tesserae

Tomer Fuchs-Bar (current). Research topic: Processes of Christianization in the Galilee in Late Antiquity

Mordechai Wolfson (current). Research topic: “Rolling the Dice” – Board and Dice Games in the Leisure Culture of Ancient Palestine

Ph.D. Students

Dr. Na‘ama Vilozny (graduated 2010). Co-advisor with Prof. G. Bohak. Dissertation: Figure and Image on Magic and Popular Art: Between Babylon and Eretz Israel

Dr. Gabi Bijovsky (graduated 2011; IAA). Co-advisor with Prof. R. Talgam and Prof. Ermanno Arslan. Dissertation: Monetary Circulation in Palestine in the Byzantine Period (Fifth–Seventh Centuries CE)

Dr. Rivka Ben-Sasson (graduated 2014). Co-advisor with Prof. E. Revel-Neher. Dissertation: Floral Motifs in the Art of the Land of Israel, from the Roman Period to the End of the Byzantine Era

Dr. Avner Ecker (graduated 2017; Bar Ilan University). Co-advisor with Prof. H. M. Cotton. Dissertation: The Urbanization of Roman Iudaea/Palaestina from the First Century BCE to the Fourth Century CE

Dr. Lior Sandberg (graduated 2018). Co-advisor with Dr. R. Barkay. Dissertation: The Greek Imperial Coinage of Flavia Neapolis (Shechem) in the Roman Period

Dr. Benjamin Y. Arubas (graduated 2019). Co-advisor with the late Prof. Y. Tsafrir. Dissertation: The Town Planning and Urban Development of Bet Shean (Scythopolis) from the Hellenistic through Late Roman Periods – with an Emphasis on the Excavations in the City Center

Dr. Yunus Demirci (graduated 2019). Dissertation: Asia Minor Synagogues in Late Antiquity (3rd–7th Centuries CE) in Their Urban and Religious Contexts: Light from Archaeological and Literary Evidence

Dr. Shulamit Miller (graduated 2019). Dissertation: Luxury, Prestige, and Grandeur: The Mansions and Daily Life of the Social Elite of Judaea-Palaestina and Arabia from the 1st to 6th c. CE

Amit Re’em (graduated 2021; IAA). Co-advisor with Prof. A. Boas. Research topic: Tombs and Frankish Burial Customs in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem

Pablo Betzer (current; IAA). Research topic: Burial and Burial Customs in Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine Negev

Miri Pines (current; Tel Aviv University). Co-advisor with Prof. Oren Tal and Moshe Fischer. Research topic: The Central Negev during the Roman and Byzantine Periods: Material Culture, Architecture, and Spatial Arrangement

Hadass Shambadal (current). Co-advisor with Prof. U. Leibner. Research topic: “Who Brings Forth Bread from the Land”: Aspects of Bread Production and Consumption in Roman Palestine – A Comparative Study of Archaeological Evidence and Literary Sources

Post-Doctoral Students

Dr. Oren Gutfeld (2010–2011)

Prof. Uzi Leibner (2006–2007; Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Dr. Yonatan Adler (2012–2014; Ariel University). Research topic: The Study and Comprehensive Scientific Publication of Ancient Tefillin (Phylactery) Cases from the Judean Desert

Dr. Itamar Taxel (2014–2016; IAA). Research topic: Reuse, Recycling, and Discard: Case Studies of Behavioral Archaeology in the Countryside of Late Antique and Early Medieval Palestine (4th–11th Centuries CE)